Cadet Supplies

Cadets supplies is one of the top suppliers of cadet boots, badges, rucksacks and kit in the UK We have a great selection of Cadet supplies available from large range of stock. Not only do we stock cadet kit but also military equipment. Sections include

Cadet boots We have a large stock of cadet’s boots for different type of Cades and varying prices. Cadet’s boots and footwear UK is one of the first stops for the purchase of boots for both the military and cadet units. Our aim is to give good cadet boots and services to a high standard and delivery. We want you to come back us for repeat order

Cadet kit: We have won the AQV award 2007 and 2009.for our commitment to service. We have steadily grown since we started in 1982. We try to keep in stock a range of cadet kit including accessories and survival kit and all the kit a cadet would need at camps etc

Cadet supplies As Camping and a military Supply specialist we try and make sure our kit is tested by military personnel to ensure it is what is required. As a military supplier we strive to have new ranges value for money. Our hiking kit, Survival aids, backpacking equipment, camping equipment, military equipment are currently in use with the British Army, the United States army and Special Forces all over the world.

And a wide range of other Cadet supplies so please browse our online store to see the products we have on offer.